Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Entitlement got you down? Some do-it-yourself ideas for you, or someone you love, to develop self esteem

It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project. 

-Napoleon Hill

By hedgeless_horseman and originally published at zerohedge.com
I learned that a local Texas church just sent their youth group to Latin America so that they could "help" the poor locals by repairing the sidewalk of their church.  However, I learned it was one of the village contractors that actually repaired the sidewalk, but that the teenagers were allowed to help with some of the tasks, like mixing the cement.  I notice that the sidewalks in front of their own church, here in Texas, are not in good repair.
Here at our home, our children are replacing the rusted-iron fence around our swimming pool.  I first had the job quoted by a couple of local contractors, both Latin Americans, and they each came in at more than $7,500.  Instead of hiring one of them, I purchased a little MIG welder package for my teenage sons ($750), gas, tank, cart, and wire ($400), and new steel fencing ($700).  We already own a grinder, but I did buy some more cutting and grinding wheels ($60).  They are almost done, and I will soon need to buy the paint and thinner for them to finish the job ($70).  
I have not given our boys any instruction, mostly because I do not know how to weld, but also because there is a massive amount of good instruction available for free on youtube.

Mainly, I do not want to steal from them the chance to develop self esteem by doing for them what they can do for themselves.  I did tell them that I reserve the right to personally inspect every weld, and that they would need to redo any that did not look absolutely jk-- mfgperfect.  They know their father well enough to not bring up the fact that I have no qualifications to judge a weld.
They have been spending many hours a day on this project. I have heard rumors of procrastination, argument, negotiation, foul language, mistakes, and threats.  I have seen actual evidence of failure, determination, improvement, success, productivity, craftsmanship, pride, and increased self-esteem.  The work I have inspected looks great, and the boys are now clearly enjoying the project.  Yesterday, I was thanked for giving them the opportunity to learn how to weld. 
Here are some do-it-yourself ideas for you, or someone you love, to develop self esteem.  
Prepare a meal from scratch
Host a dinner party at home

Negotiate for and buy some used tools at a pawn shop
Change the oil, oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter on your vehicle
Check the antifreeze, power steering fluid, brake fluid, washer fluid, and transmission fluid
Visit AutoZone and have them download the diagnosis for that check engine light you ignore, for free, then consult youtube on how to address the diagnosis

Repair some damaged drywall in the home and then paint it
Replace the cartridge of a leaky faucet
Replace or repair a broken light fixture

Sew a missing button on a garment
Launder and press some cotton shirts and pants
Measure and hem some pants to length

Sharpen your knives

Install Malwarebytes or a similar program on your PC
Install additional memory

Write an article about the meeting, and submit it to ZeroHedge or your local newspaper

Write your own healthy menu and shopping list
Write your own fitness goals and exercise plan

Make your own monthly budget and follow it
Write your own savings goals, and a plan to achieve them