Saturday, June 17, 2017

MSM Propaganda Cause Left Hate, Trump Obstruction – Not, Obama Administration Treason

By Greg Hunter’s 
You want to know why the “Left” hates Donald Trump? Look no further than the lies, false narratives and fake news of the mainstream media (MSM). Several U.S. Congressmen were shot while practicing for a charity baseball game in Washington, D.C. The lone shooter is a self-described Trump hater and volunteered for the Bernie Sanders campaign. Looks like the propaganda of the MSM worked on the extreme in the thought shaping in this case.
For weeks, everybody on Capitol Hill knew that Donald Trump was NOT the subject of the so-called Russian collusion and Russian hacking stories. Funny how the MSM propaganda machine never brought this up. Funny how the FBI never “leaked” this fact out. The MSM propaganda machine continued to paint a false narrative that the investigation centered on President Trump when, according to fired FBI Director James Comey, it did not. Now, a new story leaks that Trump is the center of an Obstruction of Justice case by the Special Prosecutor, even though James Comey testified there was no obstruction by Trump or his Administration. Trump calls this a “witch hunt” and points to several instances of obvious obstruction that James Comey and the Obama Justice Department refused to prosecute in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. There is no “there” there on this story, just like the phony Russian collusion story.
You wonder why all the leaks and so-called investigations that go on and on lead to nowhere? Why the real story of an outgoing Administration using the resources of the FBI and Intel agencies to try to sink Trump and his Administration are not reported? Could it be the Obama Administration is desperate to cover up crime and treason that will surely be revealed by the Trump Administration? The only reason I can come up with why people would commit felony leaks is to cover up bigger felonies and even treason.
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