Saturday, May 20, 2017

Fake News Trashing Trump, Seth Rich & Russian Hacking Charge, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s 
You would not think the Associated Press and the New York Times would do a negative story against President Trump with an anonymous source and a document read to them over the phone, but that is exactly what they both did when they published a story on an alleged Jim Comey memo after he was fired as FBI Director. The Comey memo has yet to be seen byanyone in the media and Congress. The so-called news organizations imply obstruction of justice by President Trump at a White House meeting with Comey in February.  Here’s the big problem.  In early May, Comey testified at a Senate hearing under oath that obstruction by the Trump White House “did not happen in my experience.” The mainstream media (MSM) is in full propaganda mode and are destroying any credibility it has left in doing fake news to trash Trump.
Meanwhile, the Trump Justice Department has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to investigate unproven charges of Russian collusion with the Trump team. I wonder if the revelation that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich giving thousands of DNC emails to WikiLeaks will be included in the investigation?  This would destroy the Russian hacking narrative provided by the DNC and FBI.  The criminal crony class on both sides of the aisle in Congress say the Russians hacked the Democrat National Committee servers to rig the election in favor of Donald Trump.  That phony charge looks even more false now than ever.
There was a ray of hope after Walmart reported that its digital sales were up a whopping 63%. That just may be Walmart using its muscle to take away even more sales from other retailers that are falling on hard times. is reporting “retail sales growth” is at “recession high levels.”  Also, Ford just announced it is laying off 1,400 employees to boost its stock price.  According to, wages are down and inflation is at 10%, if it were calculated the way BLS did it in 1980.