Monday, November 7, 2016

Final 2016 Presidential Election Update Before Voting Ends

1aaaBy Greg Hunter’s
America faces the biggest election in the history of the country. The outcome will have huge implications for the rest of our lives.  The desperation is so thick, with the Democrats and the Clinton campaign, you can’t cut it with a hacksaw.  President Obama is telling illegal aliens to illegally vote.  James Comey is doubling down on making the FBI look like buffoons by reclosing the investigation he reopened a week ago with, once again, no charges for Hillary Clinton.  ISIS has announced it will “slaughter” Americans on Election Day, but that is “too stupid to be stupid.”   Who would announce a big attack?  This looks more like a psychological operation to keep voters away from the polls on Tuesday.  Don’t believe it.
Join Greg Hunter of as he gives some analysis and inspiration that you need to hear before you cast the most important vote of your life. I call this the “Final 2016 Presidential Election Update Before Voting Ends,” Tuesday night.