Tuesday, November 15, 2016

America Reborn?

By Francis Marion and originally published at theburningplatform.com

“We, as a nation, must confront what we have become. We must confront the mistakes we made … and take a hard look at where we have deviated from the guiding principles upon which this nation was founded. I think those principles were good and life affirming. If this nation is to heal, we need to take a good hard look in the mirror of reality…. Only then can we have a future worth living.” Homer – The Burning Platform
Fall and winter in the Pacific North West are dark and wet. As I take my daily jog along the river and dike behind our neighbourhood I am reminded of exactly what that means. The smell of rotting salmon that have made their way from the Pacific upstream to the rivers and creeks of the Cascades is accompanied by a chorus of squawking gulls. These things, the lack of light, the smell of decaying fish and the cacophony of squabbling birds serve to remind me that life and death are intertwined in an endless cycle of give and take.
This cycle or balance is the foundation of our existence in this world. The new is built upon the old and is nourished to become the old itself which in turn nourishes the new once more. Death compliments life which becomes death so that life may continue.
Indeed, the primary mistake that the left has made, a mistake which has nearly destroyed our civilization, is that it denies these cycles in our day to day lives. It believes it can take short cuts, that this cycle can be ignored and that it can deny the other natural relationships that nature or God has built for us based on this fundamental truth. It is now, at this time and in this point in our history that the struggle between what is true and what is false will become more important than ever before. The direction we take, starting today, will determine what kind of world our posterity will inherit.
In my previous essays on the recent election of Donald Trump to the office of the presidency I suggested that although the immediate battle has been won, the greater conflict for freedom and truth still rages.
From the halls of political power and academia to the taverns, blogs and homes of western civilization the broader conflict marches on. The election of Donald Trump has been a turning point in our history and while it is not to be taken lightly we would be unwise to consider this chapter in our story closed.
Decades of corruption, both on a political and cultural level have taken their toll on our nations and this is not something that can be easily or quickly undone. There will be no short cuts. There will be anger, pain and suffering on both economic and social levels and the hardest part will simply be keeping the peace on both a communal and personal plane.
Thus, now more than ever it is important for us to know our enemy both from within and without. There are millions of good people who fall on either side of the false political paradigm and narrative that we have been fed who are deserving of both our patience and humility. How we treat them will not only reflect on who we are but on who we will become.
Indeed, who we become as a people will depend largely on who we decide we will be as individuals. Will we square our corners or will we settle for more of the same thing repackaged as something new?
Many of the civilizations of our past addressed this journey through the pursuit of truth and harmony. But this is not a journey that can be approached easily or without introspection. The process of healing our civilization begins with the cleansing and balancing of ourselves and the acknowledgment of the true nature of the world around us and our place within it.
The picture below was recently posted to one of my pieces and it is a reminder of things that have been lost.
With the exception of the text that is added it is a reminder that there is strength and beauty in femininity. Homer, of The Burning Platform reminds us:
“It is not a mistake that America is represented as feminine. I wouldn’t think of America any other way. The Statue of Liberty embodies hope and freedom recognized the world around. A feminine symbol. There is unbelievable power in femininity. Women need to understand that.” – Homer – The Burning Platform
The restoration of simple, elemental truths is one of the biggest battles we will fight. Feminism, which has actually been a marxist assault on femininity has been a contributing factor in the destruction of male/female relationships and the family itself. The destruction of femininity and thus male/female relationships has either emasculated men or turned them into emotionally stunted animals that view women as nothing more than toys to be played with and discarded. If we are to restore civilization then the relationship between the feminine and the masculine as well as the family and the broader clan structure must be rebuilt. It is the basis for everything we do as a people. This means rejecting marxist teachings not only in political and economic fields but socially as well. To survive this turning which we are now embroiled in the truth must be told and the light must be shone into the dark and twisted corners of neocultural marxist thinking and action.
Our natural rolls must once more be acknowledged and a balance must be struck. One of my favourite movie quotes sums up the relationship between the masculine and the feminine perfectly:
“All men with honor are kings…. But not all kings have honor. Women have the heart of honor. And we cherish and protect it in them. You must never mistreat a woman, or a lame man. Or stand by and see another do so.” Robert Roy MacGregor
This is the strength of the feminine that Homer speaks of. It has the power to temper the masculine and to create harmony. But in order to do so we must restore to it its natural place in our society. Thus embracing femininity alone is not enough. Masculinity must also be reborn, redefined and refined. We must restore alpha to our society and temper it with judgement and mercy.
For strength, leadership and rebirth.
The men of our civilization must decide who they will become. Will they remain emasculated by the neomarxist political and academic oligarchy or will they arise and become something else? Will they continue to act as greedy, unempathetic animals who view women as toys? Or will they step forward and take their place next to the feminine and complete the loop?
Plutarch wrote that before battle Spartan women would tell their sons and husbands to “come home with their shields or on them”. Although it is hard to know if this was true, and although Spartan society was corrupted and eventually died it denotes a relationship between the masculine and feminine that is right and natural.
Each man among you has the power to decide who he will be. We can choose to be one in a mindless horde or we can become something better. If we choose wisely, if we endure, if we live as examples and if each man is responsible for his own torch then there is hope. This is the choice this turning has given us. Let us choose wisely.
For love, brotherhood and unity.
For duty, selflessness and sacrifice.