Saturday, August 27, 2016

Clinton Foundation Sinks Into Deeper Trouble, Economic Update and Gold, Iran/US Middle East War Update

1azBy Greg Hunter’s
Hillary Clinton and her Foundation are sinking into deeper trouble. More emails were discovered, and more pay-to-play accusations are rolling in.  This all happened while Clinton was at the State Department, and it looks like there is no end to the tawdry revelations.  Now, there are accusations that the Clinton Foundation is a global charity fraud because proper paperwork has not been done, and there is no real accounting for all the money collected.  The Clintons say they are doing good charitable work and dismiss the accusations, but none the less, charges of wrongdoing keep mounting.
A U.S. destroyer had to fire warning shots at Iranian attack speed boats that were taunting the warship. This on the heels of the news that the President lied about paying ransom to Iran and that the U.S. could not wire money.  The U.S. did, in fact, wire money to the Islamic Republic along with delivering a pallet of cash in return for release of U.S. hostages.  Meanwhile, Turkey has invaded Northern Syria in a race for the city of Aleppo.  Troops, tanks and aircraft were all part of the assault on ISIS, and there are fears of Turkey, which is a NATO member, widening the war in the Middle East.
Deutsche Bank (DB) CEO is out with fresh warnings of “fatal consequences” for depositors and savers. Meanwhile, a top DB economist is adding to the warnings of “social unrest and another Great Depression.”  Those warnings might be the reason why billion dollar money managers, like Crispin Odey, are recommending people buy physical gold.  Odey contends the “price of gold against paper money will be massively revalued upwards.”
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