Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Multiple Collapse Triggers Everywhere

4 jpegOriginally published at Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com
“V” the “Guerilla Economist” fears another global financial collapse “every day and every night.” “V” explains, “Economically speaking . . . What I see is it’s not one event. There are multiple triggers everywhere.  If Deutsche Bank goes belly up tonight . . . that could send a cascade of bank failures throughout the euro zone, which will blow back right here through London to New York, and we will be in the absolute crap storm.  We will be in the middle of it.  It could happen at any time.  If the Saudis decide to go nuts and decide to dump $750 billion . . . if they start dumping U.S. Treasuries, it can cause a run on the bond market.  It could cause a massive fissure and a massive blow back.  Then, you have what’s going on with derivative interest rate swaps, which are also tied into bonds, which are also tied into the repurchasing markets.  All these things can bring pressure, and all you are seeing are nothing but triggers everywhere.  So, Donald Trump is right.  We could be in a financial meltdown.  It amazes me that the media would rather question him about Trump steaks or Trump University or why his clothing is being pulled out of Macy’s versus asking Trump about him saying the economy can go belly up, and we can be in a financial meltdown.  Nobody even brings that up.  That’s unbelievable.”
What is the timing for the next financial calamity? “V,” who hides his real name and identity to protect his job at an international precious metals company, says, “My sources say 2017 is going to be monumental time they put on their calendar.  I was also told by them this fall is looking pretty bad.  In 2016, we will see a lot of events, and in 2017, this thing really comes apart.  One of the things I said was that by the end of 2015, the dollar will be completely undermined as a world reserve currency, and it did become undermined.  You have a lot of alternate payment systems, and the infrastructure for those systems come into place.  I have also said the Pacific and Atlantic would become the moats of our isolation.”
On gold, “V” says, “We have run into shortages on bullion because the refineries are not getting the raw material. The supply chain is starting to get pinched down to the refiner level.  That’s a serious thing, and it’s never happened before.”
How long can that go on? “V” contends, “Not long.  It is so tight right now we’ve never seen inventories this low.  Things are just getting harder and harder to get.”
On the possibility of martial law, “V” says, “Who is going to foot the bill? How are they going to pay for this?  Are they going to use deflated dollars you can wipe your butt with?  Maybe we can pay them in Charmin Ultra?  When this thing goes bust, it’s going to be up to the American people to fix it.  Will there be chaos?  Yes.  Will there be massive loss of life when the collapse happens?  Yes.  In large cities, you are going to have people die from starvation, dehydration, violence, rioting and lack of medication.  That’s going to be your factors and not some foreign army.  Martial law will be you are on your own.”
In closing, “V” contends, “The world is volatile, and it’s hanging on by a thread. That’s no BS, man.  It’s real, and there are real numbers and real facts.  It’s not a conspiracy theory.  The world, at this stage, is ready for the next phase of economic evolution.”
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with “V” the “Guerilla Economist” founder of RogueMoney.net.
(There is much more in the video interview.)