Saturday, May 14, 2016

Global War Tensions Rise, Economy Getting Worse and MSM Totally Unfair to Trump

1aBy Greg Hunter and originally published at 
There was a new missile defense system installed in Romania. The U.S. says it is to protect Europe from an attack from a “rouge state.”  Russia says this new missile defense site is a “direct threat to global and regional security.”  Russia also says this is a “destructive action.”  One Russian commentator said the missile deployment “. . . might even accelerate the slippery slope to nuclear war in a crisis.” 
Meanwhile, there is a new face-off in the South China Sea between China and the U.S. Navy. The U.S. says that China is making “excessive maritime claims” in important international waters used for massive amounts of shipping.  China disagrees and says its island building is fine and says the presence of U.S. Navy ships threatens its sovereignty.  It also says navigation is not being interfered with by China.  The U.S. sent a guided missile destroyer within 12 nautical miles of China’s disputed man-made islands.  China says the U.S. action was a “threat to peace.” 
In Iraq, ISIS has been on a bombing campaign, and at least three were set off this week. In just one attack involving a vehicle, 80 people were killed and hundreds were wounded.  Territory and gains against ISIS have been made in recent weeks, and this is how ISIS is responding.  There is no end to the bloodshed and fighting in sight.
On the economic front, things are not getting better. In fact, all the headlines seem to show things are getting worse.  Likewise, pundits and money managers are striking an increasingly gloomy tone.  You know it’s bad when this stuff starts bubbling out in the mainstream press.  The stinking economy is too bad to continue hiding.
The mainstream media (MSM) continues to show it’s distain for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. The Washington Post is reportedly putting 20 reporters to work digging up dirt on Donald Trump.  Meanwhile, they barely cover the Hillary Clinton email server story where her top aides are interviewed by the FBI as part of an ongoing criminal investigation.  Even Hillary Clinton herself is going to be interviewed soon.  There has never been a front runner under FBI investigation only a few months away from a presidential election.  So, the MSM passes on a real ongoing story about the Democratic front runner to try to dig up dirt on the Republican front runner.  Talk about unfair and biased, this is why the MSM is dying, and it is digging its own grave.
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