Saturday, February 13, 2016

Elites Know Economy in Deep Trouble, ISIS Will Attack US, Election Update

1bGreg Hunter’s
The economy is in deep trouble and elites know it.  I think it’s so dire that it’s safe to say the trouble coming is going to be unlike anything we have seen.  It will be Biblical in nature.  The headlines this week were touting plunging markets and spiking gold prices.  You know people are nervous when Drudge Report has a main headline that talks about gold demand.  Anybody with two neurons touching knows the economy is in trouble, and the Fed is totally out of options.
James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, says ISIS is the “pre-eminent terrorist threat” around the world, and their top target is the U.S.  He also said at a hearing on Capitol Hill, this past week, that ISIS would be directly involved in the attacks and not just inspire lone wolves.  In that same hearing in Washington, Clapper said that North Korea has about 10 nukes, but could have as many as 100 by the year 2020.
In the election update, the Republican field is beginning to narrow.  Of course, Trump and Sanders were the big winners, but, once again, Hillary took a beating.  That said, Clinton and Sanders ended up with about the same amount of New Hampshire delegates.  It seems the so-called Super Delegates can vote for the loser.  Seems like a rip-off to Sanders to me.  Clinton was way ahead of the national polls, and now it appears they are tied.  By the way, the State Department has issued a subpoena to the Clinton Foundation over its charity work while Ms. Clinton was running the State Department.  Hillary Clinton is now tied to at least four investigations at the federal level, and, yes, the FBI probe into Ms. Clinton is criminal.
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