Saturday, October 25, 2014

No Ebola Travel Ban, Terror in Canada and NYC, Financial War

WNW 163: No Ebola Travel Ban, Terror in Canada and NYC, Financial WarBy Greg Hunter’s 
Another week, another Ebola infection.  This time, in crowded New York City.  This after the government declared “U.S. Ramps up Fight on Ebola.”  This time, a young American doctor who returned after treating Ebola victims in West Africa.  I cannot believe we do not have a travel ban and/or mandatory quarantine and testing for everyone coming from West Africa.  It seems too stupid to be stupid to “keep track” of people when we could just stop people from coming here, and we would not have to “keep track” of them. We are getting hundreds of folks from West Africa coming in every month.  Do you feel comfortable with the government keeping track of anything, let alone potentially sick people that could cause a deadly outbreak?  It’s almost as if they are inviting a pandemic to America.  Oh, and by the way, the new Ebola Czar, Ron Klain, reportedly said his biggest fear for the world is “how to deal with the continually growing population.”  Yes, that’s right.  The new Ebola Czar’s biggest concern is over-population.  That should make you feel all warm and fuzzy.
Terror, terror everywhere in North America.  The only difference is that, in Canada, they call it Islamic terror.  In the U.S., they call it work place violence.  You heard about the guy who took an ax to some New York City cops.  They shot the ax attacker dead, but not before he hurt some police.  This week, one of the editorial pages in USA Today talked about Christian extremists, but no one mentions Islamic extremists.  You don’t hear Christian extremists hacking police up with an ax.  It is simply outrageous not to call it what it really is, and I think more terror is on the way.  We are at war with extremists in the Islamic world.  That is clear.
Good news at the gas pump as prices are going down.  How long is that going to last?  Saudi Arabia has finally cut production to prop up oil prices.  It’s not all good news as shale oil needs a price of $85 a barrel to turn a profit.  That business could come crashing down as it is highly leveraged.  Also, it’s is not all supply and demand causing the prices of crude oil to fall.  It is financial war by the U.S. and the West to punish Russia over Ukraine.  The lower price is hurting Russia because Russia gets half its operating revenue from energy sales.  Russia is not going to sit idly by and be attacked. For example, Russia wants the EU to guarantee it will pay Ukraine’s natural gas bill this winter, and the EU is balking.  Russia will cut natural gas supplies if it is not paid, and that is only the beginning of this financial war.  Nobody is backing off from the sanctions, and this situation is only going to get worse this winter.
Finally, Fed Head Janet Yellen says “Inequality is worsening.”   She talked about this late last week, and I cannot believe she can say this with a straight face.  At one point last year, the Fed was printing and handing our $45 billion a month.  Much of that went to the bankers to buy their toxic mortgage-backed securities.  You print trillions of dollars to bail out your banking buddies and hedge funds, and you have the gall to stand up and complain of economic inequality?  That is rich.
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