Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola Gets Worse (Airborne?), Putin War Talk and Harvey Organ Update

WNW 162-Ebola Gets Worse - Airborne Ebola? Putin War Talk, and Harvey Organ UpdateGreg Hunter’s 
I know you have been hearing all about Ebola, and it looks like things are getting worse, not better.  Look at this headline from USA Today“10,000 Cases of Ebola per Week.”  That’s what the World Health Organization says we could be getting in West Africa in a few months.  So, why are there no flight restrictions out of West Africa?  Do the dimwits at the CDC not understand the concept of quarantine?  This is the number one protocol of infectious disease, and many doctors and politicians are saying the same thing.  Why not temporarily stop people from coming into the U.S.?  Many other countries are banning folks from West Africa, and that is exactly what countries bordering the infected countries did.  Not the U.S.  The CDC says it can’t fight the outbreak with a travel ban.  What?  You let more people who are possibly infected into the U.S.?  Is this too stupid to be stupid?  Now, there are some medical experts who are worried that Ebola could mutate and become airborne.  If that happens, expect panic in the general public around the globe.
The stock market is having some wicked gyrations.  Look at how the USA Today characterized the big rebound after it plunged 460 points.  The headline reads “Bargain Hunters Rescue Stocks From Gut Punch.”  Really?  Bargain hunters?  You mean the USA Today doesn’t know the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets or the Plunge Protection Team is alive and well today?  Bargain hunters?  Please stop calling yourselves journalists, and just use the term “government spin doctors” because that is what you are.  Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts said the government intervened through the Plunge Protection Team and bought futures on the S&P, and that is the main reason the stock market rebounded.  He will come on early next week for updates on multiple fronts.
Also, in economic news, China is the new number one economy in the world, according to the International Monetary Fund.  That’s right.  America is the number two economy in the world, and it may never be number one again.  This is what happens when you offshore all your manufacturing to another country to save a few bucks.  Germany didn’t do that with its manufacturing.  How can the U.S. dollar remain the world reserve currency when it’s number two?  How can the U.S. dollar be a reserve currency with unpayable debt that is growing by leaps and bounds every year?  Short answer–it can’t.  At some point, the dollar world ends badly.
The two really hot spots for war in the world, Ukraine and the Middle East, are not going well for the West.  In Ukraine, there is a declared ceasefire, but that is debatable.  What is not debatable is financial warfare being conducted between Russia and the U.S. and Europe.  Russia is not happy.  The leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is letting people know sanctions, or what he calls “blackmail,”does not work and is a “hostile” act.  He also reminded everyone that Russia is a nuclear power and warned of creating instability.  The Ukraine crisis is far from over.  In the Middle East, the air war against the Islamic State is not going well and, shockingly, President Obama admitted it.  Even though the bombing attacks continue, The Islamic State is still taking ground and is very close to Baghdad.  Now, the Turks, as well as others, want not only to take out The Islamic State, but also take out Assad in Syria at the same time.  Well, there is one very big problem with that strategy and that is Russia is backing Assad and has warned of wider war if there are attempts to take him down.
Finally, Harvey Organ’s website of 15 years was taken down by court order.  This happened a little more than a month after he made a bold prediction on that the gold and silver price manipulation would end before the end of 2014.  was it a coincidence his site was taken down?  Maybe, and then again, maybe not.  Harvey Organ reports on inventories of gold and silver at COMEX and the LBMA.  I have talked to Harvey by phone, and he still does not know why his site was taken down.  He told me he’s asked Google for the court order, and it has not been produced.   I will book him as soon as he is available.  I think that when Mr. Organ came on a little more than a month ago and said silver and gold manipulation is going to end this year, he’s probably hitting a nerve somewhere.  His main contention is that gold and silver is in very short supply, and if you don’t have the metal, you can’t control the price.
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