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Bad News If You Fly Commercial...‏

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Airline Pilots and Union Warning of Terrorist
"Dry Runs" on Passenger Aircraft
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Between October 7-11, 2013, AlertsUSA issued the following
Flash messages to subscriber mobile devices:
Airline pilots and their union warning of multiple cases of poss terrorist "dry runs" on commercial flights. Be alert. Details in tomorrow's Threat Journal.

US Embassy Philippines warning of active extremist surveillance of poss targets for attack, poss within coming days. Urges Americans use extreme caution.

US Embassy Tripoli urging citizens to be cautious following snatch of al Qaeda operative al-Liby. DoD moving Marines to Italy to resp to any embassy threats.

N. Korea puts military on high alert, warns of horrible nuclear disaster for US moving naval vessels into S. Korean port. Developing situation.

Overnight N. Korea threatened preemptive strikes on US and S. Korea to prevent attacks on nuclear program after intel confirms restart of reactor at Yongbyon.

What You Need To Know
A newly disclosed internal memo (PDF) from the U.S. Airline Pilots Association, a union representing commercial airline pilots, reveals concerns of security experts that terrorist have been making an increasing number of so called "dry run" operations on commercial airline flights, testing the reaction and response of flight attendants, crews and passengers to increasingly aggressive actions. In addition to the memo, pilots and Federal Air Marshals are also speaking out about the growing trend.

The union's Aviation Security Committee Chairman, Wolf Koch, who also flies Boeing 767s for Delta Airlines, says there are many flight crews who are certain there will be another attempt at an aircraft hijacking, that the dry runs obviously indicate planning is underway and, according to security experts, that an attack will follow shortly.

The internal memo references a flight last month from Washington to Orlando during which several Arab men simultaneously rose from their seats during takeoff and began moving through the cabin and going through luggage bins while one charged up the isle and locked himself in the restroom.
Sources within the federal law enforcement community indicated this is not an insolated incident.

The Transportation Security Administration, in standard gov-speak, states that they take all reports of suspicious activity aboard aircraft seriously and the DC to Orlando flight incident requires no further investigation.

AlertsUSA cautions that despite the appearance of heavy security at U.S. airports, the nation's mass transportation sector remains highly vulnerable. All it takes is determination. Readers may have seen news reports that just this week a nine year old child in Minneapolis was able to get through 3 levels of airport security, onto a plane and all the way to Las Vegas before being caught. And he did it all without a ticket.

The simple reality is that in our politically correct culture where no one wants to offend and even the slightest hint of profiling can be mean the death of someone's career, federal civil rights charges, a long, drawn out public scourging by the media and the high likelihood of a lawsuit, threats to the aviation sector and mass transportation systems in general, will remain a permanent fixture of our time.

By contrast, Israeli screening methods are the envy of security officials due to it's effectiveness, though widespread implementation could be challenging. Not impossible, just challenging. One of several foundational pillars of their system is simply entitled "group profiling".

Our overall recommendation is simple. Follow your gut instinct as it will rarely deceive you. When using mass transportation systems of any kind or in large public gatherings, try to operate at a heightened state of awareness of your surroundings and always take note of the location of exits.

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