Friday, September 27, 2013

Who Is Responsible For The Loss Of Freedoms and Liberty In The U.S.? Is It Really D.C.?

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It's no more reasonable to hold DC responsible for the powerlessness of traditional Americans than it was to put liberty into their hands to begin with. Look where trust in DC has gotten us. We're told what we can say and how we must say it, who we must associate with and who we cannot, who we must criticize and who we may not. We're insulted and lied to and cheated so often we accept it as normal.

We fight wars they have no intention of winning, and say so. Their agents interrogate and search us before granting us permission to travel. NASA and the Library of Congress and the Department of Education, et al, have their own military-style armed agents. We're smeared and prosecuted for defending our lives. They'll come through the windows and doors if we annoy them, even unknowingly. But if we're physically attacked we're expected to cower and allow ourselves be maimed or murdered.

Traditional Americans are used as the explanation for all misery and injustice. We're held up as the taproot of everything hateful and therefore guilty of anything they care to charge us with. We're the one threat to the "sustainability of the planet" DC identifies by name. Children are taught positions of power are rightfully closed to us, or said another way, open to everybody except us. "Inclusiveness" in academia excludes us, explicitly and specifically. "Equality" under law excludes us, explicitly and specifically. While no excuse is too farfetched for the criminal, and no praise is too extravagant for the aberrant, the DHS uses pictures of us on targets at their shooting ranges.

It's still a mistake to hold DC responsible for exercising powers they've assumed—it's what governments do. They don't question their premises and any one who does gets a journey to Kafkaland. We're not part of the conversation, we're the audience. DC feels no need to consult with us, surveillance tells them all they want to know. We have representation without representation. Negotiation and compromise are pointless. We're not allowed to control our own affairs, much less theirs.

DC doesn't behave as it does because of anything we've done, but because of what it is, and DC can't change what it is any more than a fish can choose not to be a fish. It was insane to put our liberty in their hands for safekeeping. It's not that DC won't protect our liberty, it's that they can't protect our liberty and still be DC. It's up to us to protect our liberty. It always was. Take care of that and everything else falls into place.